Dental emergency Frequently asked questions by patients (FAQ)

Frequently asked questions by patients about Dental365 Dental emergency service.

How do I make a dental emergency appointment?

You can make appointment over the phone by calling or online at (currently only available in Amsterdam)

What shall I bring when I come to Dental365 for a dental emergency

For your appointment we ask that you bring your ID (passport / Bsn Card) , Dutch health and dental insurance cards if you have them. Also you should be prepared with a PIN card or credit in case payment will be required. We also accept payments in cash.

How long do I have to wait for dental emergency treatment?

We do our best to shorten the waiting times, but based on the day and the complexity of the treatments ahead, the waiting time may vary. According to our Google statistics, people spend 20 minutes to 1.5 hours on average in our clinic. These statistics are the same like the regular dental clinics. The good news is that you will be offered cold water, a hot drink and comfortable modern waiting room, with TV, Magazines, Music, Free Wifi and friendly receptionists. We are located just by the canal, so you can always go for a little walk if you need to stretch.

Do I need to fill forms ?

Yes, we do have a simple anemia form where you will inform the dentist about any medical condition you may have or medication that you use that could affect the treatment. This form does not make you a patient of ours. It is just a way to make sure you get the best possible dental care.

How long will the dental emergency treatment take?

This depends on the complexity of your treatment and the amount of work you agree to do with the dentist. It is rarely over an hour, and usually takes up to 20-30 minutes.

How do I get to the dental emergency clinic?

Dental365 has three dental emergency clinics in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. Finding the clinic is best to do with the Google maps app of your smartphone. Our dental clinics are also good to reach by bike, walking or use the bus or the tram lines that stops.ose to our clinics. If you need guidance with the route for public transportation click here for the helpful website 9292. If you need to take a cab, you want to try the Uber App. It is usually much less expensive than a regular taxi.

Do I need to register as a patient when I have a dental emergency?

Absolutely not. Whether you are still in search for a dentist to register with, or you are on a waiting list, or you have your own dentist outside of amsterdam, Dental365 will always accept you to help you with your dental needs.

I already have a dentist. Is this a problem?

No, that is wonderful. We always encourage our patient to register with a regular dentist for checkups. If your dentist is not available to help you fast enough with your treatment you can always come to Dental365. After the treatment, we will provide your dentist with a medical report and any Xray photos that were taken at our clinic. Dozens of dentists partnered already with Dental365 and refer their patients to our clinic on a regular basis.

It is not a dental emergency, I just want it done fast. Can I come to Dental365?

Whatever dental need you have, we are here to help you. Emergency in our world is what is urgent for our patients. Dental365 will always be there for those in need of dental services.

Can I make an appointment? And do I have to make an appointment?. Making an appointment is a good way to shorten your wait time, so we do recommend you do so, by calling us or booking online. having said that, you are always welcome to just show up at the door, and you will be helped as soon as possible

Making an appointment is a good way to shorten your waiting time at our clinic. We do recommend you to do so by calling us or booking online. Nevertheless, you are always welcome to just show up at the door. We will do everything to help you as soon as possible. Only after 23:00 in the evening till morning hours you have have to make an appointment before coming to our clinic.

Do you treat dental emergency for children at your clinic?

Yes, Dental365 has a special treating room for children, and we even have small chairs in our waiting room. With children you really want to avoid going to a hospital, avoiding exposing them what is not necessary. Also, our team of dentists has the experience to work with children in a friendly way and we offer toys and such to entertain the children in the waiting area.

Who are the dentists for the dental emergency?

Dental365 has a team of BIG registered dentists and we are members of the Dutch Dental Association KNMT. Our team has vast experience in handling dental emergencies. We also have several dental specialists on our staff so you don’t have to wait weeks for a referral to a dental specialist. We can offer almost any dental treatment in case of emergencies.

What if I need a prescription after the treatment?

After your treatment, a prescription is needed for treating pain or prevent (further) infections you will be given the prescription along with a list of pharmacies that are close, or that are open 24/7.

Will the dental emergency treatment hurt?

Going to a dentist is not the most comfortable thing in life, but in Dental365 we use the newest and safest technologies to make sure there is hardly any pain for the patient. The dentist will explain to you what is done, and make sure you know what to expect. Even in your own language if possible. We speak multiple languages at our clinic.

Is dental365 the only dental emergency clinic?

No, there are other clinics for dental emergencies. We feel that Dental365 is the best. We have the largest dental emergency clinics in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den haag. Also we have the best google reviews in large numbers and an amazing team of dentists.

Who is behind Dental365?

Dental365 is the first Dental Emergency and Walk-in Dental Chain in the Netherlands. It was founded by Dr. Ilan Vigder along with a team of dentists who felt that the other options are not complete or not up to the level that emergency dentistry should be. Dental365 operates dental emergency clinics in Amsterdam and The Hague, as well as the Emergency Dental Clinic in the Erasmus MC hospital in Rotterdam.