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Do you need an emergency dentist in a hurry?

Acute pain, swelling, chipped tooth? Your tooth is out or loose? Maybe you need an urgent root canal treatment? Or do you have problems with your wisdom tooth and must see an oral surgeon asap?

Whatever your dental emergency is, we will help you right away!
Your urgency is our concern! We are available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. 

In the regions of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Breda, Ede, Deventer, Apeldoorn, Dordrecht, Gouda  and Zeeland where our clinics are located, there are also many dental practices that offer dental emergency services. Nevertheless, the speed with which we treat patients with urgent and acute dental emergencies is unprecedented.

Dental 365 Emergency Dentist is not a regular dental practice, but a team of specialized emergency dentists who are ready for you day and night. Helping patients who need a dentist in a hurry is our mission.

Everyone can come to us. Even for those patients who can only visit us in the evening or on weekends, we are ready. You do not need to be registered at a dentist to be helped by us. Even if your dentist is too busy you can come to us for an emergency and we will refer you back to your own dentist for further treatments if necessary.

This Is Why Dental365

We Are Here For Everyone

Whether you have an own dentist or not. Your dental emergency is our concern. Therefore, do not wait and call us 24/7

Same Day Appointments

For less acute dental care, you can often make an appointment the same day between 08:00 and 23:00 pm

Always A Dentist Near You

We have 15 dental emergency clinics and are located in Amsterdam, The Hague, Breda, Rotterdam, Ede, Deventer, Apeldoorn, Dordrecht, Gouda, Zeeland, Sneek, Leeuwarden. Leeuwarden, Arnhem and Hoogeveen

Most Experienced Dentists

All of our dentists are BIG registered and have extensive experience in emergency care. We even have an oral surgeon


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Our Dental365 Clinics

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Dental365 Amsterdam

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020 555 8282

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070 204 0010

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Dental365 Rotterdam

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085 105 1760

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Dental365 Dordrecht

Appointments Dordrecht

078 200 5000

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Dental365 Ede

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+31(0)85 018 94 64

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+31(0)85-018 94 66

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Dental365 Apeldoorn

Appointments Apeldoorn

+31(0)85-018 94 62

You can only visit Apeldoorn on weekends (Saturday and Sunday)

Dental365 Rhoon

Appointments Rhoon

+31 (0)85 – 0189402

appointments according to opening hours

Dental365 Arnhem


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Dental365 Hoogeveen

(open from July 1, 2024)

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Important information
  • Acute pain or an emergency? Whether or not you have your own regular dentist, everyone can visit us 7 days a week.
  • If you do have your own regular dentist and have come to us for an emergency, we will always refer you back to your own dentist after the emergency treatment. Any follow-up treatments must be carried out by your own dentist.
  • There may be different rules for each Dental365 location. You can read these on the individual location pages.

    Dental365 has several locations in the Netherlands. You can currently go to the following 15 locations for consultations and dental emergencies: Amsterdam, The Hague, Rotterdam, Breda, Dordrecht, Gouda, Deventer, Apeldoorn, Ede, Zeeland, Sneek, Leeuwarden, Rhoon, Arnhem and Hoogeveen.

How much does an emergency dentist cost?

The costs of an emergency treatment are equal to the costs of a regular dental treatment. The maximum dental rates are determined annually by the NZa (Dutch Health Care Authority) and are revised annually. You pay no more or less with us than you would pay at your own dentist for the same treatment.

In the evening starting from 18:00 PM till 08:00 AM, also in the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and during the official holidays, there are surcharges, also determined by the same NZa. Inform about these surcharges when you make an appointment.

We cannot determine on the phone what the exact cost of your treatment will be!

You have an emergency or an acute pain complaint with or without direct cause. Because you have to pay immediately we understand very well that you want to know in advance where you stand in terms of costs. However, over the phone we cannot immediately diagnose what the problem is. Therefore, your situation must first be medically assessed by one of our emergency dentists on site. Without this medical assessment, we cannot give an exact cost over the phone. Ultimately, the costs also depend on the type of treatment needed at that moment. However, we can give an indication.


For certain treatments, for example if you urgently need an initial root canal treatment (also called endo-start), these costs can be higher. It depends on the difficulty and the time required by the dentist. We work according to the rates set by the NZa (KNMT)

How and when the costs are paid?

In case you are not a registered patient, you must pay your invoice for emergency treatments directly by debit or credit card (We do not accept American Express). We do not have any change in case you want to pay cash.

If you have supplementary dental insurance, you can claim your Dental365 bill from your health insurance company afterwards. Do you have a referral to an oral surgeon (e.g. wisdom tooth removal or difficult extraction)? Then the costs, taking into account your excess, are always reimbursed from the basic insurance. We can also make a referral for the oral surgeon.

Emergency Dentist Costs Children up to 18 years old.

Basic insurance covers the costs of the following treatments for children under 18, even if some treatments need to be carried out urgently. In case of emergency treatment, you must pay the invoice immediately. This is because your child is not a registered patient with Dental365. You can declare the invoice afterwards to your insurer.

  • Periodic preventive examination: once a year, unless more times a year are necessary,
  • Occasional consultation,
  • Remove tartar,
  • Fluoride treatment from 6 years: a maximum of twice a year, unless more times a year is necessary,
  • Sealing of chewing surfaces,
  • Treatment of the periodontium,
  • Anesthesia,
  • Root canal treatment,
  • Fillings,
  • Treatment for complaints about the jaw joint,
  • Plates and frame prostheses,
  • Crowns, bridges and implants, only for front teeth that have not been constructed or have been completely lost due to an accident;
  • Surgical dental assistance, except implants,
  • X-ray examination, except for orthodontic assistance

    Need braces under 18?

Orthodontics is not covered by basic insurance and is therefore not reimbursed by basic insurance. Would you still like to have these costs reimbursed? Then you must take out orthodontics insurance.

Appointment cancelled too late or you don't show up?

Our dentists are specially scheduled and available on the day for those patients who need urgent care. We want to help everyone in the best possible way and schedule emergency appointments as efficiently as possible.

Please be aware that when you make an appointment for the same day, we reserve this time especially for you (time slot) in the agenda of our dentist. This also means that another patient cannot get the same time slot. The fact that you call us means that you are in need of urgent care. You can't actually wait (anymore) for your own dentist to be available. Maybe you don't have regular dentist at all.

Sometimes for example a patient who calls at 10:00 AM can, due to very busy agenda that day, only visit us at 17:00 PM. If your appointment was earlier and you did not cancel on time or you did not show up, it is a slap in the face of this patient. He or she has been waiting in pain for hours to be helped. If you had cancelled on time, we could have filled the vacant reserved time and helped another patient much earlier.

To avoid such unpleasant and undesirable situations, we have a strict C90 policy!

Our C90 policy means:

  • Did you, because of an emergency, make an appointment on the same day? Or is your appointment time within 24 hours?
  • Then you have, after hanging up, up to 30 minutes to cancel or move your appointment free of charge.
  • If you do not keep your appointment or cancel it later than 30 minutes, we will charge the reserved time in accordance with the nationally established guideline within dentistry and regardless of the reason. This claim code is C90: "Unattended appointment".
  • If the reserved time that became available could not be filled, an amount up to 100% of the planned treatment may be charged, with a minimum of € 50. Should this occur we will make a clear note of this on your patient card.

Tooth Injury

What steps should you take if a tooth is broken, loose or out of the mouth; what to do in the event of a tooth injury? First, it is important to determine whether the injury is to a baby tooth (milk tooth) or a permanent tooth.

Baby tooth out?

Baby teeth should never be reinserted because it can be harmful to the teeth that are yet to come out. Therefore, locate the tooth and take it to the dentist for checkup. If a baby tooth is chipped, the dentist can smooth out the sharp edge so that your child does not damage the tongue.

Some sports involve the risk of accidents and damage to the teeth. This can often be reduced by wearing a custom-made mouth guard. Your dentist can provide these for you.

Permanent tooth out?

  • Locate the tooth quickly. Grasp the tooth by the crown: the part visible above the gums. Avoid contact with the root. Touching the root kills the sensitive cells, which will reduce the chances of successful reinsertion of the tooth.
  • Gently rinse the tooth with cold water for 10 seconds. This will remove dirt and give the tooth a better chance of survival. Never clean the tooth with cleaning agents or a brush. This will reduce the chances of a successful reattachment.
  • Place the tooth back in the mouth, in its original position. It may not fit perfectly, it doesn't matter.
  • Is it not possible to replace it? Keep the tooth in the mouth (in the space between the molars and the cheek) or in a cup with saliva or cold milk. The cells on the tooth root can survive in saliva or milk for a relatively long time and this prevents the tooth root from swelling and dying. If the tooth has been dry for more than half an hour, it can hardly be successfully restored. So it is important to store the tooth properly! Never store the tooth in water, but rather in cold milk or saliva, for example, and never use cleaning agents or a brush to clean it.
  • Does the reinsertion work? Hold the teeth together with a cotton ball, gauze or handkerchief between them to stabilize the tooth.
  • Go to the dentist immediately. The dentist will check the reattached tooth and fix it in place (splint). The sooner you do this, the better your chances of a successful reattachment.

Broken tooth?

  • Keep the chipped tooth in a glass of (semi-skimmed) milk or saliva.
  • Take the chipped tooth to the dentist immediately.
  • The dentist will see if he can replace the broken piece. If repositioning is not possible, the dentist will repair the tooth with tooth-colored material (composite).

Tooth is loose?

  • Do not touch it or push it back in.
  • Go to the dentist or come to us immediately.

Common Problems That Require An Emergency Dentist

If you think you need a dentist in a hurry, we are happy to help. Below is a list of the most common dental emergency complaints. If in doubt, never hesitate and call us to discuss.

Discomfort and Risk

  • Fallen out or dislodge crown(s)
  • Fallen out filling(s)
  • Fallen out dental bridge
  • Filling that is too high
  • Fallen off, broken or damaged veneer(s)
  • Dental braces: poking wire
  • Dental braces: loose wire
  • Dental braces: loose bracket or band
  • Dental braces: loose splint
  • Dental braces: general soreness
  • Dental braces: irritated lips, cheeks or tongue

Urgent Care

  • Toothache (decay, cavity)
  • Nerve/root pain (endodontic complaints) - we will do endo-start
  • Pain after pulling a tooth that can’t be treated by painkillers
  • Inflammation of the gums
  • Bleeding gums
  • Cracked, chipped or broken tooth (mild or no pain)
  • Pain in the jaw joints

Critical Emergency Treatments

  • Broken tooth (after an accident)
  • Loose tooth (after an accident)
  • Knocked-out tooth (after an accident)
  • Secondary bleeding after pulling tooth
  • Swollen cheek caused by inflammation (abscess formation)
  • Tooth or root abscess with/without severe infection
  • Gum abscess with/without severe infection

Emergency Dentist Dental365 | The Emergency Dentist Who Is Always Open

Do you have a dental emergency? Dental365 is THE emergency dentist in Amsterdam, Den Haag, Breda, Deventer, Dordrecht, Ede, Gouda, Zeeland, Sneek, Leeuwarden, Rhoon, Arnhem en Hoogeveen. We are unique because we are always open. As a dental practice you have to offer an emergency dentist service. However, we see many dental practices nationwide that do have an emergency service. Yet they are not always open for all dental emergencies. Certainly not 24/7. To still be able to help everyone in case of a dental emergency, Dental365 acts as the emergency dentist service in Holland.

Advantages of dental treatment by a real emergency dentist!

  • Available 24/7 for emergency treatment
  • Short waiting time
  • Convenient locations, easy parking
  • Emergency dentists near you
  • We speak several languages
  • You can often go directly for your treatment on the same day
  • Appointments possible between the hours 08:00 and 23:00
  • Team of professional dentists and dental experts
  • Further treatments are possible if you do not have an own dentist
  • We offer(*) all treatments like dental cleaning, veneers, crowns, implants, fillings, bridges, invisible braces, cosmetic dentistry 
    (*): This is only possible at our following clinics: Amsterdam, The Hague and Utrecht 

Dental Emergency? We Help You Fast

There are quite a few dental practices in the city where we are located. Yet the speed with which we treat dental emergency patients is unprecedented. Dental365 is more than a regular dental clinic. We are a team of specialized dentists who are ready for you day and night. Helping patients who urgently need a dentist in is our mission. We are also ready for patients who can only visit us in the evening or weekends. You do not need to be registered with a dentist. In case you don't have an own regular dentist you are more than welcome to contact us.

The multilingual emergency dentist

The Netherlands has many cultures. You can find up to more than 160 different nationalities. In our practices we have a variety of dentists who speak different languages. If the explanation of the treatment can be done in your own language we notice that patients feel more comfortable about the treatment.

Need an emergency dentist in or around big cities like Amsterdam, Den Haag, Breda, Rotterdam?

As an emergency dentist in we take care of many dental emergencies. You can always contact us but we recommend that you always call first. This prevents you from having to wait for a patient with a less urgent case.