Dental365 Emergency Dentist Cost Pricing and Billing

Fair, Transparent ,Standard Pricing

The emergency dentist cost and the walk-in treatment are the same as the prices in any other Dental Clinic in the Netherlands.
The prices are determined each year by the Dutch Authorities (NZA)  . It means that visiting the emergency dental clinic cost the same as visiting your own dentist.
The NZA prices are listed here: Dutch Dentistry Pricing 2017

Technically an emergency dentist cost can be as little as 21 Euro, but in most cases visiting Dental365 ranges from 100 Euro to 300 Euro. For those without dental insurance, who has to pay out of pocket, the price of the treatment will be given before the treatment starts. In any case, even if you have dental insurance,  when the treatment costs more than 250 Euro you will be given a quote for you to sign before the treatment will take place.

No Dutch Dental Insurance?

The good news, is that regardless of having insurance, or being a tourist, expat or local, the prices for dentistry are the same, by law. For those who do not have Dutch dental insurance there are two simple steps:

Step 1 – Pay for the treatment at the time of your visit. We accept cash, with a debit/pin card or any major credit card.
Step 2 – Take your detailed invoice and receipt to claim the money from your own medical, work, or traveler insurance.

Our staff will support you as much as you need in order to provide you with all the information for your insurance.

Emergency Dentist Cost for Patients Dutch Dental Insurance

You can use our tool below to check the level of coverage your insurance plan.
Select your insurer, and then the package you have.

Have Questions?

Call the clinic 8am-11pm and discuss your specific circumstances with a staff member.

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